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The Hustle

An Urban Farming company inspired by the legends of beings who care for mother earth and the body they live in!

-some legend

What We Do?

The urban world is becoming more complex with each passing day, and we are here to uncomplicate your eating choices with our healthy salad mixes and salad kits. We grow freshest Microgreens and Leafy Greens at our urban farms.

Wondering how we do it or even why we do it?

Have you ever wondered why people living in rural areas live a healthier life than people living in urban areas? It’s not only about the air and water, but it is also about what they put in their stomachs. They have the luxury to eat freshly harvested produce, and world-leading scientist supports the fact that from the moment a vegetable/fruit is harvested, it starts losing its vital nutrients. 

Have you ever wondered what does a vegetable or fruit has to go through before it reaches your table? The journey from farm to fork takes the most out of the vegetables/fruits. At The Salad Guy, we deliver greens to your fork when they are the peak of their freshness when they are crunchy, juicy and have the highest level of nutrient content. By growing the greens near to your home we also drastically reduce the carbon footprint for each gram of yield we produce. 

It is a ubiquitous saying, “You are what you eat“ and to put a logical statement behind that, every day millions of cells within the human body regenerates themselves, that is how you a body sustains to exists. A human body requires vital minerals and nutrients to maintain a healthy life. Greens provide most of these essential nutrients. Hence, we at The Salad Guy provide the best mixes of salads that are nutrient-dense, and our recipes are created to fulfill your most of your body’s requirement for the vital nutrients.

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