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Our Pride

For us, a fresh supply of healthiest greens to all isn’t just a mission – it is how we live. It has always been about how we help the community live a healthier life. 

We grow the freshest greens in our urban farm and only use Non-GMO, chemical-free seeds. Using greenhouse and hydroponics techniques, we reduce water consumption by growing healthy greens. Not only that, by growing greens in urban areas, we save time and fuel required to deliver them directly, reducing the carbon footprints. 

Greens are an essential part of healthy diets, and to promote the consumption of greens. We help the community with easy recipes and proper nutritional information. We also create healthy salad mixes, best on the go consumable meals. 

The Salad Guy believes highly in sustainable practices protecting the home we all share: Mother Earth. It starts with sustainable, growing practices. We are using eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging material to eco-friendly modes of delivery. 

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