Salad Mix Kit

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You are thinking of that perfect Salad and missing on the action? What’s missing? Did you try our microgreens? Bringing you the best of both worlds our Salad Box and Microgreens will definitely sweep you off your feet. Our Salad box contains over 5-6 variety of leafy greens, herbs and fruits as well. Definitely a game changer!


  • We deliver your basket once per week and you can choose the size of your basket based on your requirement.
  • Our team will be in constant touch with you for any customization or support.


Our Salad Mix Kit is a thirst quencher for the healthy heart, a soulmate to the hungry rabbit. Consisting our Salad Box and Supergreens.

Our greens are handpicked, thoroughly examined, and given extra love and care so that the plants are happy and healthy. You can give all the nutrients and the right temperature, but it takes a lot of love to keep staring at these true beauties and that makes a whole world of difference to the quality of yield. And then they said beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Go figure!

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150g Salad Box + 1 Microgreen, 250g Salad Box + 1 Microgreen, 350g Salad Box + 1 Microgreen, 500g Salad Box + 2 Microgreen, 650g Salad Box + 2 Microgreens


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