Pok Choy

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Pokchoy is used in Chinese cooking, soups, salads, dumplings. A little bit of sesame oil with ginger garlic and spoon of soy sauce in a pan and its almost good to go as an appetizer. Our Pokchoy is fleshy and chunky grown in the most pristine and appropriate environment.

  • Lowers risk of lung and prostate cancer
  • Contains folate, useful in production and repair of DNA
  • Contains Vitamin C, E and beta Carotene
  • Contains Selenium, help detoxify body and prevent inflammation and tumor growth


  • Grown locally in environmentally controlled greenhouses.
  • 100% traceable farm to fork.
  • Delivered within hours of harvest.
  • Premium USDA approved non-GMO seeds.
  • No fertilizers, no pesticides.

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Weight70-100 g


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