Italian Basil


The fragrant one, the peppy one, the vibrant one. Italian Basil is the prince charming that will sweep you off your feet and take you for a fun filled ride. From Pesto to Pasta, pizzas to soups our indoor grown basil is a  show stopper. Grown in the most pristine environment using reverse osmosis water, our basil stands apart in any show from Salad bowls to Pasta Palate.

Benefits of consumption:

  • Reduces depression for chronic stress.
  • Reduces memory loss associated with stress.
  • Reduces blood pressure and helps hypertension.
  • Reduces dental cavity and bacterial growth.


  • Grown locally in environmentally controlled greenhouses.
  • 100% traceable farm to fork.
  • Delivered within hours of harvest.
  • Premium USDA approved non-GMO seeds.
  • No fertilizers, no pesticides.

Additional information

Weight50 g


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