Cherry Tomatoes


Cherry picked for you our cherry tomatoes are less tomatoes and more like candies. Juicy and fleshy and crispy that you devour with every bite. Pluck it and pop it is the only way you would want to eat it.  However our cherry tomatoes are great to go in Salsa, Vinaigrette or Granita or simply roasted.

Benefits of consumption:

  • Good source of carbs and fiber.
  • High in potassium and help keeping blood pressure in check.
  • Excellent source of vitamin A, C and good source of Vitamin K.
  • Rich in lycopene which helps with heart health and sunburns as well.


  • Grown locally in environmentally controlled greenhouses.
  • 100% traceable farm to fork.
  • Delivered within hours of harvest.
  • Premium USDA approved non-GMO seeds.
  • No fertilizers, no pesticides.

Additional information

Weight200 g


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